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I think God sometimes allows us to be ignored by people we care about so we’ll realize that He is the only One Who is here for us at ALL times.

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I just want somebody who will never stop choosing me. A.G.  (via ladyofthewolvess) Saturday May 5 @ 10:21pm
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The Christian life is not a constant high. I have my moments of deep discouragement. I have to go to God in prayer with tears in my eyes, and say, ‘O God, forgive me,’ or ‘Help me.’

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Aaaamen to this

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I think there is someone
for you.
I think you’ll find home in their arms
and comfort in their voice.
I think you’ll think about them
a lot
and want them to think of you too.
I think they’ll make you laugh,
and they’ll make you cry,
and they’ll make you happy,
and sometimes they’ll make you terribly sad.
I think you’ll be searching for them in crowds
and hoping that they call out your name
from across the room.
I think that you’ll understand the difference between
being in love with someone
and loving someone,
that there are some places you cannot go,
and those who wait on perfection
will be made to wait forever.
I think you might be recreated
and distanced from who you were so that you can be
who you will become because of them.
I think you’ll see things a little less clearly
and have a lot of fuzzy feelings
and tell yourself that they don’t feel the same.
But I think that one day
you’ll be smiling for no other reason than this:
There is a ring on your finger
and your fingers are entwined with the fingers
of that one person that you have learned,
whom you have been so frustrated with,
whom you disagree with on so many things,
whom you cannot stand at times,
who makes you collapse in emotion
and forget so many things from your past,
whom you absolutely,
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// where feet may fail and fear surrounds me, You’ve never failed and You won’t start now.


// where feet may fail and fear surrounds me, You’ve never failed and You won’t start now.

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We assume others show love the same way we do — and if they don’t, we worry it’s not there.

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This is so true

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Just one of those days where I really miss my sister…. But the cool thing is, she’s looking down on me and she’s smiling because she knows that she’s going to see me again soon. There’s no sadness in heaven, so while I do feel sad here, she’s happy and awaiting my arrival! God is so good.
“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.” 1 Peter 5:10 

06.09.92-12.15.12 ❤

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